Distance learning for Initial Teacher Education (DLITE) plays a pivotal role in training the next generation of teachers, sitting alongside full time and part time courses, in partnership with Local Authorities and the University of Aberdeen.

In Highland, like other authorities across Scotland, DLITE is providing local training for local people.

The Highland post graduate students all live and work in communities across the authority and receive their programme of study online, with regular Networking days and  face to face opportunities for further development, in addition to school placements.

At the end of the first cohort in 2014/15 the trainee teachers, who in this instance were all primary, began their first teaching year on the Probation scheme in Highland along with Probationers from other courses. This assisted in providing locally trained people, already established in the highlands, to remain local and therefore allow good practitioners to continue living and working in our own authority. This is the model that has continued as DLITE has grown and we are now entering our seventh cohort for 2020/21.

Highland Council and the University of Aberdeen have a long standing partnership and work collaboratively on many projects. It is vital to retain and develop these established links between authorities and educators if we, as a country, are to keep abreast of national and international expectations and continued standards of excellence.

If you are interested in becoming involved in this programme of study, please read on through the following pages and posts, where you will find all the relevant web links and contact information.