Our Highland and Moray colleagues met today for a morning session focusing on Numeracy and an afternoon session based on Literacy as part of Phase 2 of their PGDE (DLITE) programme of study.

Seonaid Cooke, Marybank Primary School, delivered a practical session on Numeracy in Early and First levels in school for the students who have begun their early stages placement.

The aims for today’s session:
● Understand the progression through the stages of development from
Early to First levels
● To develop understanding of the different areas of knowledge from Early
to First levels
● To give ideas in planning learning experiences to help a child move on to
the next stage of development in both strategy and knowledge

Highland Numeracy Blog

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Jenny Wilson, Literacy Development Officer for Highland, was joined by Laura McGinley in delivering Literacy to the students in the afternoon session.

The aims for today’s session:

  • To understand the need for phonological awareness throughout the school as the backbone of literacy development.
  • Screening for phonological awareness as a pedagogical tool.
  • Using a structured and consistent approach to phonological development throughout the school.

Highland Literacy Blog

Literacy 1Literacy 2

Another successful day enjoyed by all!

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